Charles H. Ehrlinger is an award-winning Director and Producer who was born in New Canaan, Connecticut, attended the local high school and trained in the fine arts at the Silvermine Art Guild. When his abstract paintings began to win awards in the year 2000 he decided to pursue his passion in art, and with the help of several art scholarships, enrolled in the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. It was during these college years where his passion crossed over from fine art into filmmaking.

His 17 minute senior thesis, NINETEEN was shot in 16mm and earned many awards like best lead actor and best writer. Upon graduation in 2004, Charles followed the footsteps of many before him and ventured out to Los Angeles with a car packed full of boxes and a few dollars to his name.

Eager to find his way next to the camera, he took any job that came his way. Charles found an attraction to grip work and eventually joined the union. As a union grip, Charles has worked on many award-winning films like, THE DESCENDANTS, THE PRESTIGE, INCEPTION, MONEYBALL and many others.

He was given the opportunity by Wally Pfister to be the Motion Graphics Designer on his film TRANSCENDANCE starring Johnny Depp, for which he created massive amounts of visual content for the film.

Charles’s work has also led him to writing and directing his own short films, music videos and commercials. HEIRLOOM, a 35mm, 23 minute short is about three generations of a family struggling to get over their past; engaged audiences in many film festivals around the country. STRAY COURSE, a 35mm, 17-minute dark comedy is about a man searching for his lost dog; recently played at the Holly Shorts Film Festival at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Within the last year, Charles has been working with the Last American Gentleman Productions, created and directed a short for them entitled THE WAITRESS AND THE WIDOWER, which is currently being accepted into film festivals around the county and overseas.

His most recent short STATIC is being shown around to production companies as a sizzle reel for the feature film MECHANICS of MATERIAL, which will complete it’s funding soon and begin production in the upcoming year.

Charles resides in Los Angeles with his wife Eliza.